Kurt Cobain Age and Birthday

Kurt Cobain Age and Birthday

Are you searching for Kurt Cobain’s Age and Birthday date? Kurt Cobain was born on 20 february, 1967 in Washington.

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Singer and guitarist of the late 1980s, early 1990s grunge band  best known for their breakthrough 1991 album Nevermind which featured the hit single ” Like Teen Spirit.” After struggling with drugs and depression during the height of Nirvana’s popularity, he tragically took his own life at the age of 27. 

He was so angry with the turmoil in his family that he lashed out at others, especially adults, and bullied a classmate at school. He would be bullied himself later on in school after befriending a homosexual student. 

His 1993 album with Nirvana, In Utero, went five-times Platinum, and included the #1 single ” Box.” He cited novelist Burroughs as an influence on his writing.

He was raised with a younger sister named Kimberly. He married Love on February 24, 1992 and he and Love had a daughter together named Bean Cobain. 

He was joined by drummer Grohl and bassist Novoselic in Nirvana. 

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