Celebrity Birthday Events and Parties

Celebrity Birthday Events and Parties 1

You might think that all celebrities enjoy extensive and eccentric birthday parties every year if for no other reason than that they can. Some do enjoy that kind of extravagance, however, some might surprise you with what they enjoy doing for their birthdays.

In fact, some celebrity birthday wishes might just be very much like your own.

Celebrity Birthday Plans

Chrissy Teigen of America’s Next Top Model and Sports Illustrated says she prefers a bit of relaxation because she simply doesn’t get enough of that. It was also revealed that she prefers fried chicken over cake (because she hates it).

For Lauren Conrad, star of The Hills, quite the contrary is true. She enjoys planning events and parties so much that she celebrates her own birthday several times over. She enjoys one private and cozy party with only family, another based around a dinner, and yet another with a fabulous Law Vegas get-away.

Model and actress, Sienna Miller has very simple tastes. In her own words, when asked how she enjoys celebrating her special days, she admits that friends, red wine, and unpasteurized cheese are most often involved.

Superstar Alicia Keys admits to lavish fanfare for her birthday as well as her husband, Swizz’s. In her own words, they go “crazy” and have a yearly competition to see who can outdo the other with birthday fanfare. Some of those parties, she says, are even themed and while their birthday celebrations didn’t start this way, she beams that it is “awesome.”

Modern Family and Dirty Dancing star, Sarah Hyland still lives the princess fairy tale by eating cake and opening presents on her birthday. Her 22nd was celebrated in Disney Land which she admits was great fun.

For some, “extravagant” doesn’t quite describe all the hoopla that some celebrities put forth for their birthdays. After all, lavish spending is what some of these famous stars are known for. Kate Moss, for instance, celebrated her 40th birthday by partying for roughly 100 hours straight. For his 21st birthday, Justin Beiber went so far as to rent out an entire island, while Simon Cowell’s 50th birthday came in at just over a million dollars spent.

Kris Jenner had a “great” 60th birthday bash with a fabulous theme that came via inspiration by “The Great Gatsby.” Her guests, which included Will & Jada Smith, Tina Knowles, and John Legend, all wore costumes inspired by the roaring 20s, dancing under a disco ball, balloons, and chandeliers. It’s no surprise that there just happened to be a cannon that fired confetti, and her serenade was performed by her son in law, Kanye West.

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