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    The Story Behind U.S. President Birthdays

    Presidents’ Day was first celebrated on the 22nd of February every year, in commemoration of George Washington’s birthday. However, in the 1970’s, in order to have an extra three day holiday, it was changed to be celebrated the third Monday every February instead.…

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    Birthdays Of Top Bollywood Actors

    Bollywood is one of the biggest and most recognized film industries in the world. Bollywood actors have gained fame not only in their homeland but also across the globe. Today, we will tell you about the birthdays of some of the top bollywood actors.…

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    Kim Congratulates Khloé with the Best Photograph

    Every single year, a huge share of the social media users awaits the Kardashian’s annual celebrations and parties; and 2018 is definitely no difference as Kim Kardashian started the birthday celebration of her sister Khloé by heading to Instagram and sharing the most adorable photo ever.…

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    The Grand Simple Birthday of Beyonce

    Recently, the super superstar Beyonce celebrated her birthday as she turns 37 this year and she cleverly seized the opportunity to acknowledge the most important people in her life and the things she is grateful for so far.…

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    Kourtney Kardashian Celebrates in Europe

    The reality TV stars, the Kardashians, are always in the spotlight as the fans and social media communities await every year to witness the birthday parties of the popular family members.…

  • Christmas Babies Who Became Celebrities

    Christmas Babies Who Became Celebrities

    On Christmas day, most people come together to exchange gifts and celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, there are lots of other people born on this day as well, and some of them are even still around today.…