The Grand Simple Birthday of Beyonce

The Grand Simple Birthday of Beyonce 1

Recently, the super superstar Beyonce celebrated her birthday as she turns 37 this year and she cleverly seized the opportunity to acknowledge the most important people in her life and the things she is grateful for so far. Through her viral Instagram account, the stunning singer shared a post with her fans where she revealed some scenes from the beautiful celebration with her husband.

The media platforms and the fans of the singer went crazy as Beyonce shared a couple of photos of the birthday party where she enjoyed the day and the fruit-based birthday cake. The fans of Queen B were pleasantly surprised as the singer shared a long heartfelt and grateful post along with the birthday photos.

Accompanied by her famous husband Jay Z, Beyonce flaunted a beautiful pinky outfit and showed some nice insights of the intimate birthday party. In her Instagram post, the famous singer acknowledged every important event that has happened to her in the last couple of years; she talked about her three kids and how she nurtured her twins; she also talked about her famous rapper husband Jay Z as she renewed her marriage vows with him and how they travelled the world as a family in order to promote the album they released together.

Beyonce also didn’t forget to thank the fans for the innumerable birthday wishes and expressed her love and gratitude for her beautiful life and every thing that has happened to her til date.

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