The Wildest Celebrity Birthday Parties

The Wildest Celebrity Birthday Parties 1

If you think some celebrities push the limits on regular reasons to celebrate, you’d be exactly right. It’s true, some superstars like to keep things low key, enjoying just a few small people in a venue that’s not crowded, while others enjoy letting everyone know it’s their special day. The parties we’re getting ready to tell you about fit into that latter category, and aren’t likely to change any time soon.

Wildest Parties

Chrissy Teigen, the wife of John Legend, celebrated her 30th birthday by procuring the legendary, if not better well known, Comedy Cellar in the heart of New York City. The venue was packed with family and an A-list of closest friends when John serenaded her on stage in front of them all. With rigorous celebrating going on anyway, why not add a special guest to an already legendary night? Dave Chappelle showed up for a surprise performance!

21st birthday of Paris Hilton

It’s no surprise that Paris Hilton is a major partier and her 21st birthday was certainly a reason to throw caution to the win. She threw a total of five parties for herself is five cities most well known for their nightlight. New York City, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and London all played host to Paris’s parties where it was reported that roughly $75,000 was spent on each and every guest in attendance. Two major names on her guest list were P. Diddy and Donald Trump.

Extravagance birthday of Kate Moss

Kate Moss is no stranger to extravagance when it comes to birthday parties! In fact, every year seems to push the envelope a little farther. To ring in her 21st year, her then-boyfriend, Johnny Depp, rented the Viper Room in Los Angeles and let her party to her heart’s content. At the age of 30, she celebrated to a theme known as “The Beautiful and The Damned.” As she turned 40, the party was a combination of psychedelic and chic, thrown in a barn in the middle of Cotswolds. What will be next? We look forward to finding out.

Elton John & costumes

Elton John, who is very well known for his over-the-top costumes on stage, outdid himself for his 50th birthday. In fact, after dressing up as Louis XIV, his costume was “so much” that he had to be taken to his own party in a moving truck because he simply wouldn’t fit in a car. He went on to attend his part along with 500 of his closest friends.

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