Best Birthday Reminder Apps for iPhone ( 2019 )

Best Birthday Reminder Apps for iPhone ( 2019 ) 1

Every year is always bombarded with numerous occasions and birthdays that range from birthdays of family members and friends to the birthdays of our favourite social media stars and preferred actors and singers for instance.

However, it appears that the iPhones aren’t missing a thing since these smart smartphones can also remind you of each and every important upcoming birthday; the iPhone is cleverly equipped with a couple of birthday reminders that will help the user to remember any birthday date effortlessly.

Calender Birthday App

For instance, the “Calender Birthday” is one of the best ways to remember your friends’ and family’s birthdays as this tiny app can be easily connected to the Facebook account and thus this smart calender won’t only help the user to congratulate his Facebook friends on time but it’ll also notify him when one of his regular phone’s contacts is celebrating his birthday soon.

Birthday Sweet App

Also, the innovative “Birthday Sweet” is yet another way to remember the important birthday dates and it’s completely with no fees. And in addition to the simple birthday reminders, there’s also the more sophisticated “Extreme Agenda” that works as a reminder of birthdays and important anniversaries but also provides task alarms and can be synced with ToodleDo.

More apps

There are still a couple of more birthday reminders on the iPhones such as “BCalendar” and “Birthday Cal” which have made remembering birthdays much more easy than ever.

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