Kim Celebrates Kanye’s Birthday Despite the Controversy

Kim Celebrates Kanye's Birthday Despite the Controversy 1

The extreme popularity of social media and real life stars such as the Kardashians makes it, obviously, much easier to head to social media platforms in order to address good and bad times equally. However, Kim Kardashian recently chose her hugely successful Instagram account as the preferred platform to celebrate her husband’s, Kanye West, birthday with the big fandom of the family.

The viral social media figure posted a black and white image of her husband with the youngest Kardashian of theirs, Chicago; she captioned the post saying some emotional words of love to Kanye and stating her unlimited support for him and acknowledging his 2018 achievements so far. It’s a habit for Kim Kardashian to stand by her family firmly in their ups and downs; so, despite the latest controversial comments of Kanye, Kim only mentioned the success of her husband’s musical career, congratulating him for the release of his albums and appreciating his dedication for overcoming the impossible.

Recently, Kanye, who turned 41, faced some criticism regarding his comments and statements on social media platforms about sensitive issues such as slavery. In an interview, Kim stated that the recent social media statements of Kanye and their consequences put the couple and their families in hard times as they all tried to cope with the tensed situation without creating further problems.

The reality TV star added that she isn’t going to utilize any social media platforms to explain her inner thoughts or to put out any sort of explanations; instead, she prefers to deal with the situation privately and she hopes that her fans, and people in general, keep in mind that each individual has a different opinion and viewpoint. evertheless, despite the latest Kanye controversies, his fans took social media platforms by storm as they started to congratulate him for his birthday.

Of course, with the approach of any birthday of the Kardashian family members, it’s very much expected that a grand party is going to be thrown in order to celebrate and to share good times with the family members and the entertainment industry. However, Kim Kardashian turned out to be planning something different this year. She stated that the celebration this year is going to be an intimate and discrete one; the viral star said that a cosy dinner with friends and family members is the optimal choice to celebrate her husband’s 41 year.

Nevertheless, there appears to be that a party was already held to celebrate the streaming of Kanye West’s album, and his birthday as well, in Wyoming prior to his actual birthday date. Many of the Kardashian family members and friends attended the party and celebrated West and his latest album.

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