Kim Congratulates Khloé with the Best Photograph

Kim Congratulates Khloé with the Best Photograph 1

Every single year, a huge share of the social media users awaits the Kardashian’s annual celebrations and parties; and 2018 is definitely no difference as Kim Kardashian started the birthday celebration of her sister Khloé by heading to Instagram and sharing the most adorable photo ever. The photo Kim decided to share with her millions of followers is a very cute one the combines the two sisters along with the adorably very young babies, True and Chicago. The Instagram post already created a social media buzz as the followers started to send their happy wishes to Khloé who turns 34 this year.

In addition, the inclusion of the two infants in the post made it even more popular since the Kardashian children are famous before they’re even born. Plus the social media community is always interested in keeping up with the Kardashians and their day-to-day activities and events; so when Kim shared the photo with the entire fandom, many users were immediately intrigued to witness the celebration party of Khloè’s birthday in 2018.

Kim captioned the post saying that Khloé is one of her preferred and close souls in the universe, mentioning the strengths her sister showed this year and why Kim admires Khloé for always following her heart. Kim also added that there’s going to be a birthday party to celebrate Khloé’s 34th year.

On the other hand, Khloé Kardashian used her Snapchat account to entertain her followers and to give them a taste of the birthday party; also the birthday girl shared some very cute clips of her baby True with her followers. Khloé welcomed her baby True in the first half of 2018 and the super popular celebrity stated that her sister Kim is going to be the no. 1 mentor for her when it comes to handling True in the first years. This year for Khloé has been full of good and not-so-good surprises as the social media star faced some support and encouragement alongside some criticism and accusations.

As with every year, after any Kardashian party, photos and video clips are either leaked or published in order to share with the family’s millions of fans how is it to host a birthday party, for instance, for one of the Kardashians. However, Kim mentioning the strong attitude of her sister Khloé brings to mind the famous incident of her boyfriend who was caught cheating on Khloé a couple of days before she gave birth to True. Khloé decided, despite the incident, to carry on with her boyfriend and her child’s father which in return earned her some criticism. And as Khloé handled the situation strongly and confidently, the attention is now focused on the young baby True and Khloé’s birthday party.

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