Jimmy Wopo Age and Birthday

Jimmy Wopo Age and Birthday

Would you like to know Jimmy Wopo’s Age and Birthday date? Jimmy Wopo was born on 13 january, 1997 in Pennsylvania.

What are his/her social media fan accounts? Would you like to know Jimmy Wopo’s Facebook Fan pages, Instagram fans, Youtube follower channels or Twitter fan accounts? Let’s check out:

Rapper who made his mixtape debut in July of 2016 with an eight track album titled Woponese. He was also known for his Jordan Kobe project and had a breakout single called “Elm Street.”

He began making music at 14, but it wasn’t until his “Walkn Bomb” diss track released on YouTube in 2015 that people really started noticing him.

He had two tracks featured on The Daily Loud Presents: Don’t Sleep on the Burgh playlist. He was also featured in an editorial for The Fader.

He was from Pittsburgh’s Product Hill District in Pennsylvania. His mom never held him back growing up. He was shot and killed in a double shooting in Pittsburgh.

Digital is featured on track three from his Woponese mixtape which is titled “Back Door.” 

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