Kelsey Grammer Age and Birthday

Kelsey Grammer Age and Birthday

Do you want to know Kelsey Grammer’s Age and Birthday date? Kelsey Grammer was born on 21 february, 1955 in Virginislands.

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Best known for his role as snooty psychiatrist Frasier Crane on the television sitcom  and its spinoff  He also provided the voice for Sideshow Bob on the animated series  Simpsons.

He spent two years at  Juilliard School before receiving an internship offer with the Old Globe Theater in San Diego.

In 1999, he voiced the character Stinky Pete the Prospector in the Disney Pixar film  Story 2, and in 2014, he played the character Harold Attinger in the blockbuster film  Age of Extinction.

He has had six children throughout his four marriages to Doreen Alderman: Leigh-Anne Csuhany, Camille Grammer and  Walsh.

He co-starred with Hyde Pierce on Frasier from 1993 to 2004.

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