Louis Vuitton Age and Birthday

Louis Vuitton Age and Birthday

Do you need to know Louis Vuitton’s Age and Birthday date? Louis Vuitton was born on 4 august, 1821 in France.

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Founder of the Louis Vuitton brand of leather products, his fashion house became one of the biggest in the world.

He became one of Paris’s premier box-makers and packers after hiking 292 miles to the city when he was a teenager.

He was chosen by Empress of France Eugénie de Montijo, the wife of  III, to be her personal box-maker and packer of clothes.

His mother passed away when he was 10 years old. He ran away from his family’s home in Anchay and moved to Paris because of an antagonistic relationship with his stepmother.

Poly is one of many models who has promoted his brand.

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