Rita Hayworth Age and Birthday

Rita Hayworth Age and Birthday

Would you like to know Rita Hayworth’s Age and Birthday date? Rita Hayworth was born on 17 october, 1918 in Newyork.

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American actress best known for her appearance in 1944 musical Cover Girl. She was featured in over 60 films throughout her 37-year career.

She performed publicly as a dancer at the age of six.

When the Depression wiped out her family’s savings, she and her father went across the border to perform in clubs because she was too young to perform in Hollywood.

She was married and divorced five times. Her longest union, to Edward Judson, lasted from 1937 to 1942. She had two daughters, Yasmin and Rebecca.

She was featured on AFI’s list of 100 Most Famous Stars, along with Hepburn.

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