Wolfgang Mozart Age and Birthday

Wolfgang Mozart Age and Birthday

Do you want to know Wolfgang Mozart’s Age and Birthday date? Wolfgang Mozart was born on 27 january, 1756 in Austria.

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Considered by most experts to have been a child prodigy and a musical genius, he defined the Classical era with over 600 works. His classical operas include 1791’s “The Magic Flute” and “The Marriage of Figaro.”

He learned to play the piano by watching his sister’s lessons. He began composing music and performing for royalty at age five.

His pieces became known for their sophistication and sensual violence.

He was born to and Maria Mozart, and his only surviving sibling was his oldest sister Maria Anna, who was nicknamed Nannerl. He had six children with Constanze Weber. Only two of these children survived past infancy.

His symphonies greatly inspired Van Beethoven‘s compositions.

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