Minigod951 Age and Birthday

Minigod951 Age and Birthday

Are you interested in knowing Minigod951’s Age and Birthday date? Minigod951 was born on 7 april, 1983 in England.

How old is this celebrity? And what are his/her social media accounts? Are you interested in knowing Minigod951’s Twitter account, Instagram profile, Youtube channel or Facebook page? Let’s check out:

Also known as Old Foxy Fox, he was a  gamer who posted tutorials of redstone, 3D pixel art, and maps to his Minigod951 Old Foxy Fox YouTube channel. 

He first launched his channel on March 18, 2011, but did not start posting regularly until a year or two later.

He used an animated figure of an elderly fox in his videos and on his merchandise.

He was born in Cornwall, England, UK.

He investigated the house and Stampylonghead bedroom in a couple of his videos. 

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