Lance Lim Age and Birthday

Lance Lim Age and Birthday

Do you want to know Lance Lim’s Age and Birthday date? Lance Lim was born on 16 december, 2000 in California.

How old is this celebrity? And what are his/her social media accounts? Do you want to know Lance Lim’s Twitter account, Instagram profile, Youtube channel or Facebook page? Let’s check out:

TV and movie actor known for playing Runyen in the show  Up Fisher. He plays Zack in the 2016 Nickelodeon series  of Rock. He’s appeared in episodes of Anger Management and  Off the Boat and was cast to be in Independence Day: Resurgence. 

He appeared in the 2012 Disney XD movie  Buckets and had his first major role in the 2013 film Innocent Blood. 

He’s an avid and competitive table tennis player. He was on the Korean singing show Star Audition in 2011. 

Although raised in Los Angeles, he comes from a Korean background. He’s fluent in the language and considers himself well-versed in the culture. 

His character Runyen was the best friend of Henry Fisher, played by Baker, on the show Growing Up Fisher. 

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