Payden Sottile Age and Birthday

Payden Sottile Age and Birthday

Do you need to know Payden Sottile’s Age and Birthday date? Payden Sottile was born on 4 august, 1999 in Louisiana.

How old is this celebrity? And what are his/her social media accounts? Do you need to know Payden Sottile’s Instagram profile, Facebook page, Youtube channel or Twitter account? Let’s check out:

Lip syncer whose personal style and creative edits have made him a hit on TikTok, where more than 150,000 fans have followed his paydensottile account. He’s also the owner and founder of the collaborative account known as Sasswars.

He started to earn a following on social media in December 2016. He began attending Southeastern Louisiana University in 2017. 

He has been known to post duets with fellow TikTok creators like  Rue. 

His parents’ names are Shea and Sharron. He also has brothers named Mark and Corey. He’s been dating fellow social star Austin.hh.

He has collaborated with  LaVerne whom he’s also good friends with. 

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