Joe Dimaggio Age and Birthday

Joe Dimaggio Age and Birthday

Are you looking for Joe Dimaggio’s Age and Birthday date? Joe Dimaggio was born on 25 november, 1914 in California.

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 Hall of Fame outfielder who was named to 13 All-Star games, won 9 World Series, and was named AL MVP 3 times.

His father wanted him to be a fisherman, but he became a ballplayer instead.

He set an MLB record with an amazing 56-game hitting streak that many believe will never be broken.

He was married to Monroe from 1954 until 1955. He had a son named Joseph III with his first wife Dorothy Arnold. His brothers and also became MLB outfielders.

He set a Yankees rookie record by hitting 29 home runs in his first year in the MLB, a record that stood until  Judge broke it in 2017.

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