Netflix Indulges in the Horrors of Sabrina

Netflix Indulges in the Horrors of Sabrina 1

Recently, Netflix started promoting the brand new horror show “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” that’s mainly targeted at the young adults and teenage audience of the streaming service. The upcoming new show explores the journey of the teenage witch, Kiernan Shipka, who comes across many demons, evils and scary incidents and is expected to overcome these things and cope with the consequences.

The yet-to-come Netflix show is a new diversion from the expected socially bright storylines of most of the Netflix shows; “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is essentially centered around a group of teenagers at the “Greendale High School” who are aiming to discover and divulge more of the zombie and Satan allegories they aren’t allowed access to.

More importantly, the upcoming horror show may appear to be designed to match the tastes of the young generation of Netflix viewers but the main characters of “Chilling Adventures” present themselves as adults trapped in the forms of teenage humans – which might as well lure more mature viewers to give the brand new horror show a shot.

By the start of the first season, Kiernan Shipka guides the audience through the main pillars of the show as she is about to settle in one of the two worlds: the witch world or the human one. The main character and her friends are going to face a bundle of intimidating events as the wizardry and the humans worlds collide.

However, the new Sabrina show, being full of variously different characters and bringing a diversity to Netflix, is expected to generate decently positive reviews as the main character isn’t merely a self-centered persona but she is defiant and rebellious when necessary and questions the exotic worlds she belongs to and her double-faced identity.

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