J Ritter Age and Birthday

J Ritter Age and Birthday

Are you interested in knowing J Ritter’s Age and Birthday date? J Ritter was born on 17 september, 1948 in California.

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Comedy TV and movie actor who played Jack Tripper on the sitcom  Company and Paul Hennessy on  Simple Rules. He is the son of country music singer Ritter and is also known for his roles in  Santa, Panic, Tadpole, and  of Chucky.

At age eighteen, he made a minor appearance as a contestant on The Dating Game.

After his death, fans and fellow actors regarded him as the greatest physical comedian on the planet.

He had three children, Tyler and Carly, with his first wife, actress Morgan. His second wife, actress Yasbeck, appeared as his on-screen love interest in the Problem Child films.

He was in a 1970 episode of Dan August, which starred Reynolds.

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