Hannibal Buress Age and Birthday

Hannibal Buress Age and Birthday

Do you need to know Hannibal Buress’s Age and Birthday date? Hannibal Buress was born on 4 february, 1983 in Illinois.

How old is this celebrity? And what are his/her social media accounts? Do you need to know Hannibal Buress’s Instagram profile, Facebook page, Youtube channel or Twitter account? Let’s check out:

Stand-up comedian who was a writer on  Night Live and  Rock. He co-starred on The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim and played the role of Lincoln on Comedy Central’s  City. In 2015, he played Griff in the comedy movie  Home. 

He started doing stand up comedy while attending college in Chicago. After his sister kicked him out of her house, he was forced to sleep on the subway for a period of time. 

His debut comedy album, Animal Furnace, was praised by the influential Spit Take website. 

He was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up with an older sister.

He’s performed on late-night television shows hosted by Letterman, Fallon, and Ferguson.

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